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ChatGPT and Generative AI, Roundup #9

Below is the next #9 roundup series that I have started putting together for easy-to-find links and archives for the future. ChatGPT General AI Medicine and AI Previous post on this series

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Blueberries as Superfood

This Outside article explains why many of us consider blueberries to be super healthy foods. It says that due to their “savvy marketing, science, and luck, blueberries helped usher in a new era of health food obsession“, which was inspired by a 1996 AgResearch article titled “Plant Pigments Paint a Rainbow of Antioxidants.” During that […]

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OpenAI and Sam Altman Saga

Just a few days after the dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, the saga continued over the weekend with a flurry of speculations about his next move. While Altman joined the Microsoft along with co-founding partner and president Greg Brockman, the OpenAI hired two interim CEOs within a couple of days. We look forward to getting to know […]


Daily Notes: Four-Years Ago Today

Since 2016, I’ve been on a blogging journey, which at first was only casual writing with only a few posts a month or none at all. It was on November 30, 2019, that I committed to writing daily short posts, inspired by Seth’s blog, advent calendar, and the idea of tech Advent calendars. In addition, […]

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Stephanie Courtney – The ‘Flo’ Girl

I have been watching, the Progressive Insurance Company’s commercial with a white-apron woman named “Flo”, which often can be annoying. It turns out that the “Flo” girl is actually an accomplished actor and comedian named Stephanie Courtney, and the New York Times has recently published her profile. This recent YouTube video highlights Stephanie Courtney’s small-town upbringing, her […]

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US AI Safety Institute

In a recent press release, the US Department of Commerce said that the US government is establishing the US Artificial Safety Institute to lead efforts on AI safety. Through the establishment of the U.S. AI Safety Institute, we at the Department of Commerce will build on NIST’s long history of developing standards to inform domestic […]

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Walking the Dog

A recent CNN Fitness article reports that walking the dog daily helps maintain a regular exercise habit for dog owners. Of the 69 million US dog owners, only 61% said to walk their dogs for at least 10 minutes at a time. Only 27% walked their dogs for 150 minutes as recommended by the US Centers for Disease […]

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Daily or Seasonal Chores

A recent article in CNN Fitness says that our daily household chores and seasonal activities such as working in the yards or gardens, raking leaves, and snow shoveling are considered daily activities and contribute towards our fitness goals. What a lot of people don’t realize is that those seasonal chores are functional exercises that can […]

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Microsoft Word Turns 40

This BBC article reminded me that Microsoft Word has just turned 40 years old. When I first heard about this software, I was trying to learn WordPerfect as a graduate student and didn’t get on board until a couple of years after. At its launch in October 1983, this influential software was known as Multi-Tool Word, […]

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New iWatch to Detect Blood Pressure

CNBC writes quoting Bloomberg, that Apple is going to add new health features to its Apple Watch next year, which include support for detecting sleep apnea and a blood pressure sensor. Apple is reportedly working on a ‘health coaching service and new health features for its AirPods and upcoming mixed-reality headset’. The service said to […]