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In a recent article, The Gurdian‘s science writer David Robson describes writes about Interoception – hidden senses that shapes our well being. “There’s growing evidence that signals sent from our internal organs to the brain play a major role in regulating emotions and fending off anxiety and depression”. In the article, the term “interoception” is defined as “all the signals […]

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ChatGPT – Parent’s Concern

The new smart conversational bot named “ChatGPT”, has become increasingly popular with educators, real estate agents and others who have tested. However, its also reportedly generating concerns among parents and some educators for potential students cheating and not learning. However, it doesn’t seem to have hit the mainstream yet, and only time will tell how […]


ChatGPT And Real Estate

The ChatGPT has made another CNN headline news today. In my previous post, I made a note that even the ChatGPT Passed Ivy Schools Exams. To-day’s CNN headline reads “Real estate agents say they can’t imagine working without ChatGPT now“. In the article, CNN interview one of the realtors, JJ Johannes, who told the news […]

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Life Style Choice and Memory Decline

According to a decade-long study conducted by researchers from the National Center for Neurological Disorders in Beijing, China suggests that “a combination of healthy lifestyle choices such as eating well, regularly exercising, playing cards and socializing at least twice a week may help slow the rate of memory decline and reduce the risk of dementia”, writes […]

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ChatGPT Passes Ivy Schools Exams

In to-days headlines on technology is about ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI, passing three prestigious ivy schools graduate-level exams. According to CNN, the bot AI passed three law schools exams in four courses at the University of Minnesota and another exams at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Jon Choi, one of the […]

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The Good Life

According to a World’s longest scientific study of Happiness conducted by researchers at the Harvard University, “the strength of a person’s connections with others can predict the health of both their body and their brain as they go through life”. The results of this study are published by Dr. Robert Waldinger and Dr. Marc Shultz […]

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Which Daily Activity Helps Brain Health?

Referring to a recent study conducted by the researchers from Medical Research Council doctoral training student at the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Health at University College London, CNN Fitness column author Sandee LaMotte writes “People who spent ‘even small amounts of time in more vigorous activities — as little as 6 to 9 minutes […]

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Being Bored at Work?

According to 2019 research published on Fast Company (via Pocket App), it’s good to be bored at work. The research conducted by the Research School of Management at Australian National University found that “while boredom is certainly boring, it isn’t all bad. This loathed mental state can actually spark precious creativity.” Mark Wilson writes on […]

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According to this Fast Company article, introverts “prefer less stimulation and need to spend time alone to focus and develop their thoughts, extroverts’ brains require higher levels of external simulation and dopamine to function and thrive in group settings”. Each personality type brings something different to the table. Where one is weak, the other is […]

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Daily Journaling

In this PSYCHE article, Sarah Boon, a freelance science writer, discusses the art of journaling on our personal life. Often, we learn about keeping our journals during the high school years, some carry that habit in their colleges and professional life. While, most of us discontinue the habit after high school graduations. Journaling is a written record […]