2021 Thanks Giving – What I am Most Grateful For?


Today is 2021 Thanks Giving Day. Following a my traditions of last year,

Though I have been reading Thanks Giving gratitude posts, articles for a while, I had not dared to write my own notes until last year. There are many events in everyone’s that are large, small, major or minor that makes to be grateful for. We take some mental note at the moment in time, then our memory starts fading away, and we move on to the next thing. We totally forget those significant events or that we were grateful for.

Because of the once in a century Covid-19 pandemic of the last year, many people, including yours truly, started taking stocks of what makes them happy and what I am grateful for. Extending on my last year’s partial list, I am expanding a bit in this year’s note and plan to continue to expand the list or elaborate more on my existing ongoing list that I remain grateful for.

I would like to remind myself again and with the following quote that I cited in my last years’ note:

I want to take the time to thank my flawed, but marvelous, country for what it has given us and for how far it has come.

– Bruce Peterson from Star Tribune OpEd

In my Year 2021 Thanks Giving Gratitude note, I would like to add/elaborate to my last years partial list that I am still grateful for and the top of the list is Covid-19 vaccines.

  • Covid-19 Vaccines: I am most grateful to those vaccine researchers, healthcare administrators, and providers to help provide two required diseases, and recently booster dose to help remain safe from the virus.
  • Blogging and Writing: While reading this gratitude post, I was reminded once again that WordPress has been part of life too for many years. For the past few years, I have been living, breathing, sleeping with the platform that I use every day and almost entire day. Using the platform I write my learning note posts, follow it’s behind the scene development at GitHub and also pursuing my daily writing endeavor on this site. I am truly grateful for WordPress platform being able to record part of self-learning journey since 2015.
  • My Nerdy Side Brain: I am fortunate that I have a nerdy side of brain which constantly explores new technological challenges and help me to stay away from divisive, partisan daily headlines.
  • Healthy Life Style: For the last several years, I have been trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle following Mediterranean style unprocessed beans and fruits rich foods with daily activity routine. With some efforts and determination, I have been trying to incorporate into my habit stacks. I fortunate that I have been making progress.
  • Taking Walks: From this year summer, I also started taking daily outside walks, which I have been maintaining except during severe weathers. However, Minnesota harsh winter does not allow taking walks during severe winter weather. During that time, I might have to take trade mill walks.
  • CNN’s Travel, Style, Science and Wellness editor David G. Allan has a long list things that we should be grateful for, most of them are similar to mine too.

Family. Friends. Love. Health. Freedom from war and natural disaster. Imagination. Community. A roof over our heads. Common decency. Hope. Opportunity. Memories. Financial stability. Favorite places. Days off work. Good weather. The golden age of television. Books. Music. Ice cream. Weekends. A friendly exchange. Something good that happened today. Something bad that didn’t happen today. A good cup of coffee.

– David G. Allan, CNN Travel, Style, Science and Wellness

The Star Tribune editorial has also similar long lists of things that summarizes what we all should be grateful for.

Be thankful for the gift of every new day and the chance to live it fully. Be mindful of the many who have suffered losses that are especially painful at this time of year and reach out to them.

– Star Tribune Editorial Board

“Be thankful for family and friends, the warmth and meaning they bring to life, including those of whom you may have seen too little these past two troubled years. Be mindful that others live in loneliness year after year, and have no one to tell of their suffering. Reach out.” the Tribune editorial reads.

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