A Disruptive Presidency


A recent issue of Politico magazine has an interesting article about our current state of democracy suggesting “a disruptive presidency is coming to a close“. In the article, the magazine highlights views expressed by a group of 35 smart political and cultural thinkers ‘what big, new insight this era has given them about America—and what that insight means for the country’s future’.

Many were alarmed to discover that our political institutions and norms are more fragile than they thought. Others pointed out the blind spots that members of the political and cultural elite have for the deep sense of dislocation and injustice that their fellow citizens feel. Some wrote optimistically about an America that is steadily becoming more diverse and inclusive, or one that has retained a powerful role in the world. Yet, even in the face of a common enemy—a once-in-a-century pandemic—“patriotism became a blunt instrument that Americans wielded against one another,” as one contributor put it.

From Politico Magazine

An interesting and informative read to learn these 35-great thinkers mind!