A Visit From a Close Colleague


We recently received a visit from a close friend I had met when I began my professional career. During the brief period we spent together in our work, we developed a much closer personal friendship.

Our jobs kept us apart for nearly a couple of decades and we had lost our contacts. During that time, we had our own families, our kids became adults, and we even retired from our careers.

And about a month ago, I received an unexpected e-mail with his name. I responded right away without actually believing it was him. Turns out that was actually him.

When he had a plan to visit the United States, he was kind enough to save a few days to visit our family here in Minnesota. Due to his own schedule and ours as well, we just spend most of the time at home catching up with us and eating the food he missed more.

We found some time to visit together our neighborhood, Como Lake, Mall of America, and the state capital. We walked together in our neighborhoods and at nearby Como Lake.

Panoramic view of Como Lake in a gorgeous fall day

Below are a few pictures to immortalize our renewed memory.

After his brief visit, he went to Little Rock, Arkansas for his next stop and even shared the following images.

We intend to continue to communicate regularly to maintain a renewed friendship.