I am a lifelong learner with a passion for learning. I have been learning through both formal education and self-taught learners. Learning how other writers write has been a side project lately! This is how this site was conceptualized.

My current learning interests include the WordPress theme development, data privacy and security, health & fitness, and gardening.

Why This site?

This site is yet another personal site that is intended primarily to document my thoughts on health & fitness, personal data privacy & security, gardening, and community activities.

I am constantly reminded that ‘writing is a craft, it comes with practice only’. Similar to other skill, such as coding, doing research, singing, dancing etc., it’s acquired through repetition. So, practice will be my new mantra. Just practice, practice, practice .. and more practice.

About Site Design

The original (version I) design of this site was powered by the Twenty Twenty WordPress theme, with some customization via a child theme.

This current (version II) design is based on the Twenty Twenty-Four theme’s Ember style variation, with some customization via a child theme.

One of my most recurring pieces of advice is telling people to just write — write down what you learned, no matter how big or small.”

– Sara Soueidan

Web Designer, on Just Write