After 107 Days

I had my first dose of Pfizer vaccine after 84 days (about 3-week earlier) and today, 107 days after the first Pfizer vaccine was administered in Minnesota, I had my second dose of Pfizer vaccine. This was a great relief, health wise, after a long wait!

Still, there may be more deserving people with health complications and perhaps waiting for their vaccine, however, I was invited by a health care provider and scheduled my vaccination dates. There is a real race for COVID vaccine throughout the World and there are accusations that richer countries are buying early and hoarding most vaccines from the citizens of poorer countries.

I am grateful for the hardworking Pfizer and other research scientists who worked around the clock to develop a safe and very effective vaccine in a record amount of time and made available to inject in our arms through our federal health officials.

Governors Received Last Week

In a related news, two Minnesota Governors (Walz and Pawlenty) also got their single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine side by side at the Minnesota Vikings training facility in Eagan vaccination clinic.

Here in Minnesota, even the state Governors have to in the same line for the COVID vaccination like every other Minnesotans does.