AI Can Attend Meetings For You

In a recent article in the Conversation magazine, Simon Thorne, a senior lecturer in computing and ​information systems, Cardiff Metropolitan University, discusses how AI can attend meetings and write code, and we should be wary about their widespread use because it requires skills to use them effectively and safely.

Microsoft recently launched a new version of all of its software with the addition of an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that can do a variety of tasks for you. Copilot can summarise verbal conversations on Teams online meetings, present arguments for or against a particular point based on verbal discussions and answer a portion of your emails. It can even write computer code.

– Simon Thorne in The Conversation

Simon argues that the most popular chatbot, ChatGPT, has no knowledge; its answers are mere possible outcomes. But with skills in how to use appropriate prompts, it has the potential to generate a more reliable response, thus making our job of doing the repetitive task much easier.

Simon emphasizes that though the ChatGPT responses may appear accurate and reliable, we need to have a strong understanding of the subject, so the responses can be verified and validated.

Using AI to attend meetings and summarise the discussion presents obvious risks around reliability. While the record of the meeting is based on a transcript, the meeting notes are still generated in the same fashion as other text from LLMs. They are still based on language patterns and probabilities of what was said, so they require verification before they can be acted upon.

– Simon Thorne in The Conversation

Similarly, expertise is needed to make sure that AI generated code matches the desired outcome in complex situations, Simon says.