AI For Influencers

A recent article in the New York Intelligencer magazine provides a glimpse into how big tech companies like Amazon, Google, Meta and other creative industries plan to utilizing AI to “generate ad copy and imagery, promising high performance, lower costs, and super-specific targeting”. According to the piece, synthetic characters, meaning AI-generated ads, are becoming an attractive cost-saving approach for companies to preserve their advertising budget.

Aitana is a “virtual influencer” created using artificial intelligence tools, one of the hundreds of digital avatars that have broken into the growing $21bn content creator economy.

Their emergence has led to worry from human influencers their income is being cannibalised and under threat from digital rivals … But those behind the hyper-realistic AI creations argue they are merely disrupting an overinflated market.

“We were taken aback by the skyrocketing rates influencers charge nowadays. That got us thinking, ‘What if we just create our own influencer?’” said Diana Núñez, co-founder of the Barcelona-based agency The Clueless, which created Aitana. “The rest is history. We unintentionally created a monster. A beautiful one, though.”

– Financial Times (Source: New York Intelligencer magazine)

The Meta’s case study suggests that this approach is feasible. “It’s not quite right to say that virtual influencers are coming for the entire strange and maligned job of influencing. The advertising industry has been pushing the idea of synthetic talent for years,” writes the magazine.