AI Said to Takeover Customer Service

In an annual letter published in LinkedIn, Microsoft CEO outlined the company’s plan to integrate AI and its popular Copilot across its ‘most used products’.

Next generation of AI will reshape every software category and every business, including our own. Every customer solution area and every layer of our tech stack will be reimagined for the AI era. And that’s exactly what we’ve already begun to do.

We believe we have now arrived at the next big step forward—natural language—and will quickly go beyond, to see, hear, interpret, and make sense of our intent and the world around us.

This generation of AI helps us interact with data in powerful new ways—from completing or summarizing text, to detecting anomalies and recognizing images—to help us identify patterns and surface insights faster than ever.

Regarding earning customer trust, Microsoft’s CEO wrote “To create positive impact with technology, people need to be able to trust the technologies they use and the companies behind them. For us, earning trust spans the responsible use of AI, protecting privacy, and advancing digital safety and cybersecurity.”

The entire letter can be found in this LinkedIn post.