AI Will Shrink Workforce by 41%

According to a recent survey conducted by Swiss staffing firm Adecco Group in collaboration with research firm Oxford Economics, CNN reports that over the next five years, artificial intelligence (AI) will likely lead to job reductions at many companies worldwide. The survey, which included 2,000 C-suite executives from various industries across nine nations, found that 41% of them anticipate employing fewer people due to AI.

This means that AI, especially the generative AI capable of creating original content, is transforming the workforce. Denis Machuel, CEO of Adecco Group, stressed the importance of re-skilling and redeploying their teams to adapt to this technological shift. Some executives are said to be planning to redeploy affected employees internally or recruit individuals skilled in AI, the survey indicates a possible downside for workers.

AI is emerging as a great disruptor in the world of work. Companies must do more to re-skill and redeploy teams to make the most of this technological leap and avoid unnecessary upheaval.

– Denis Machuel, chief executive of Adecco Group (source: CNN)

In a recent survey, the World Economic Forum said that AI would have a net positive impact on jobs. However, this survey predicts that AI will have potential job losses. Despite the optimism about job growth in sectors like big data analytics and cybersecurity, there are still concerns regarding job displacement, particularly for white-collar workers, as AI continues to advance.

Acknowledgements: ChatGPT was used to summarize some of the content and prepare the first draft.