Amazon Partnering with Kirana Stores in India



It appears that Amazon is increasing its footprints in rural India. In a headline “In India, mom and pop stores are proving to be the holy grail for tech startups” Techinasia reporter Avanish Tiwary writes that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently appeared in a local store in rural India to distribute a amazon packet (see image below)

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in a local Indian rural kirana store delivering a package. Source: Jeff Bezos Twitter.
Jeff Bezos tweet thanking the kirana store owner Amol.

Reporter Avanish Tiwary writes “The network of over 15 million mom and pop stores, locally known as kirana stores, is the backbone of India’s everyday grocery supply. It will not be an exaggeration to say that in almost every single lane in the world’s second most populous country, one can find at least one such store that sells household products like soaps, shampoos, dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, including rice and pulses.” He further writes “The sheer number of kirana stores present in the country and the kind of relationships they have with the neighborhood residents who transact with them at least once a day has given Indian technology startups reasons to explore partnerships with them in myriad ways.”

A very smart move by Amazon India, indeed!

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