An Interesting Twitter Thread


Even though I don’t have my own Twitter account and follow people on Twitter, I occasionally browse peoples account to update myself. Recently, I came across the following twitter thread from Amjad Masad, CEO and founder of Replit, an online coding environment that makes coding more fun, approachable, and social, which I found interesting.

The 10 things that he lists in his twitter thread include (i) Work ethics, (ii) Lack of corruption (he was not asked for bribe), (iii) Win-win mindset, (iv) Rewarding talent, (v) Open to weirdos, (vi) Forgiveness, (vii) Basic infrastructure, (viii) Optimism, (ix) Freedom, and (x) Access to capital.

Finally, many of the things that I talked about are under threat, largely from people who don’t know how special they have it. America is worth protecting, and realizing that progress can be made without destroying the things that made it special.

– Amjad Masad on this twitter thread