Apple Confirms Invest in AI

In a recent call to investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly confirmed that its recent technology development wouldn’t be possible without AI, the Tech Cruch reports. Some of the iOS 17 features, like personal voice and live voice mail, won’t be possible without the use of AI and the company is also working on generative AI technologies.

Many speculated that Apple was investing in AI as the tech giant would not like to be left behind in such a lucrative technology. However, the company had not officially confirmed this.

Cook told investors “We label them as to what their consumer benefit is. But the fundamental technology behind it is AI and machine learning.” He added “AI is at the heart of these features. And then, you can go all the way to the lifesaving features on the watch and the phone like fall detection, crash detection, ECG on the watch. These would not be possible without AI.”

“But you can bet that we’re investing, we’re investing quite a bit, we’re going to do it responsibly and it will — you will see product advancements over time where those technologies are at the heart of them.”