Apple Watch’s Health and Fitness Apps

The health and fitness apps on the Apple Watch provides very helpful features such as high and low heart notifications, Cardio Fitness, irregular rhythm notifications, the ECG app, and AFib History. These technologies will provide its users a better view of their health and give them ways to take actions.

According to recent announcement, Apple’s Watch researchers are reportedly testing some advanced health technologies, through its Investigator Support Program enabling them “to break new ground in health research, including the scientific understanding of the heart”.

Apple is spotlighting the cutting-edge work of health researchers around the world who are using Apple Watch to study the heart like never before.

Health researchers around the globe are already using Apple Watch in their program according to the quotes from the announcement. Here are some of the quotes from its announcement post.

  • “I read about the Apple Heart Study and I thought this could be important for pediatrics. We used to think of cardiac toxicity as something that happened 10 years after treatment. But now we know that new cancer therapies (like specific inhibitors or immune therapy) can cause arrhythmias within 48 hours of medication — so there’s a big gap in terms of what we know about the toxicities at the moment.” Dr. Rachel Conyers at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.
  • “General health recommendations or off-the-shelf interventions weren’t good enough for me. People are unique. Each individual is different when it concerns their health, and I wanted to learn more,” Dr. So-Min Cheong, an associate professor in the Public Service & Administration Department at the Bush School, Texas A&M University, was in Palo Alto, California.
  • “Apple Watch is such a widely used, reliable consumer wearable that we thought it would be a great device for us to integrate into our research to better understand how we could potentially integrate it into the larger health system. We are continuing to grow and innovate with new opportunities, based in science and technology,” Dr. Sebastiaan Blok, director of eHealth at the Cardiology Centers of the Netherlands.