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In today’s digital age, staying connected across various messaging platforms can be overwhelming. Fortunately, apps like Beeper and Texts aim to simplify communication by consolidating multiple messaging services into one convenient interface.

Beeper and Texts apps aimed to integrate over a dozen different messaging platforms into a single universal app, including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Discord, Twitter, and more. This integration allows users to access all their messages from various platforms within one application.

Under the hood, these two universal messaging apps are utilizing a combination of open-source software, including the Matrix messaging protocol, to unify messages from diverse services into a single stream. This Zapier article discusses the similarities and differences between the Beeper and Texts apps.

Last year, Automattic acquired Texts – a struggling universal messaging app, to help it achieve its mission. Recently, the company also acquired Beeper, another similar messaging app.

While acquiring the Texts, messaging app in 2023, Matt Mullenweg, Automattic’s CEO, told the Vox that after publishing (WordPress) and products (WooCommerce), his company is focusing on its third pillar – messaging.

I like to pick areas I feel are so fundamental to the human condition that I can work on this the rest of my life. Self-publishing, commerce, and messaging covers a good chunk of all human activity, and they’re also three areas where I think an open-source solution is necessary for the long term.

– Matt Mullenweg

According to reports, Automattic has begun on-boarding the Beeper app into Texts app, in order to develop it into a unified open-source universal messaging app.

[] built an amazing app that’s more desktop-centric and iOS-centric. So we’ll be folding the best parts of those into our app. But going forward, the Beeper brand will apply to all of the messaging efforts at Automattic. Kishan … I’ve known him for years now — there’s not too many other people in the world that are doing what we do — and it was great to be able to combine forces with them.

Eric Migicovsky, Beeper founder on TechCrunch

Last year, Matt reportedly told the Vox “Messaging is communication, and communication is fundamental to the human condition. And so private, free, encrypted, open-source communication is a fundamental human right.”

Automattic’s combined messaging team will first continue to build a great cross-platform messaging app. But the long-term plan here is clearer than ever: Mullenweg, Migicovsky, and the whole Automattic team intend to replace a lot of the ways you message with an open-source system. Beeper is currently built on top of Matrix, a popular and powerful open-source protocol that is being used by companies and governments around the world. Mullenweg was careful to tell me he’s betting on all things open-source, not just Matrix; but to bet on Beeper is to bet on Matrix.

The Verge

This emerging messaging application, under the stewardship of Automattic, has potential to revolutionize our digital communications. Beeper offers an opportunity to streamline our online communication, with its potential to seamlessly integrate various messaging platforms. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on how Beeper continues to grow and change the way we communicate online.

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