Beyoncé Reporter



In November, USA Today hired a dedicated Beyoncé reporter, Caché McClay, after it hired another dedicated Taylor Swift reporter. The news network described its hiring decision like this:

The demanding role requires close coverage of Beyonce’s complex business and entertainment empire, including the upcoming film documenting her $580 million-grossing Renaissance World Tour and a new perfume line, among other products.


The new Beyoncé reporter McClay told USA Today “I grew up in a Beyoncé household, my mother and sister are fans. More than playing music, Beyoncé’s impact has shown us the possibilities are endless.”

“We are so very excited to launch what will prove to be unparalleled coverage of an amazing businesswoman and artist. Caché is well prepared for this role, and her unique experience will further strengthen our extraordinary team of music journalists.”

– Michael A. Anastasi, editor of The Tennessean and Gannett’s vice president of local news

McClay, an Ohio native, is reportedly an accomplished reporter who has worked for NBC News and BBC News.

In a news piece on USA Today, McClay wrote: “I do not take this role lightly. Beyoncé is one of the most renowned and influential movers and shakers of our time, undeniably. As an artist, businesswoman and cultural icon, she quite frankly runs the world. As a Howard University graduate, having worked in many different newsrooms such as Hearst Television, BBC News and TMZ, I feel fit for this position.”

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