Browser Ads and Blockers Plugins


In a recent post, Michele Barker about her experience about Ad Blockers and their use in websites. Like Michele, I also use Firefox as my main browser in private mode for both web development, doing research reads and other personal needs.

The Firefox private mode does a good job blocking browser ads and supposedly protecting user privacy. Until now, I have not experienced yet that I should use ad blocks plugins.

Michele writes:

I changed my mind recently, however, when browsing the web without an ad blocker became unbearable. I’ve been researching for various talks and articles, which has meant visiting a lot of sites I don’t usually rely on. Honestly, the number of popup windows and autoplaying videos I had to close, the number of pages I killed entirely because they were so slow to load that I thought my browser had crashed, came as a shock even to me as a web professional. And that’s on a decent MacBook Pro, with a fibre broadband connection.

As Michele points out the ongoing conversations about supporting web developers to pay their bills while we use their products free, similar discussions are happening in the WordPress themes and plugins users’ community as well.

…. the conversation around monetisation on the web is far from simple. But this state of affairs is surely serving no one.