CDC’s Vaccination Priorities


Day 271: Stay Safe Minnesota

The CDC has approved prioritizing vaccines to adults ages 75 and older and frontline essential workers in the first phase of vaccination.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices votedto prioritize older adults and frontline workers‘ to receive Covid-19 vaccines in next phase. Adults ages 75 and older and frontline essential workers to receive Covid-19 vaccines in Phase 1b of allocation.

“The committee vote also included prioritizing adults ages 65 to 75, people ages 16 to 64 who have high-risk medical conditions, and other essential workers in Phase 1c of allocation”, writes CNN.

“They really serve to address the current lack of vaccine supply and address those individuals with the highest risk for disease.”

Dr. José Romero, the ACIP chair and secretary of the Arkansas Department of Health (source: CNN)

According to the CIDRAP, Phase 1b includes “seniors ages 75 and older and frontline essential workers including, for example, those working as first responders, teachers, public transit employees, and grocery store staff. The list also includes people working in food and agriculture, manufacturing, corrections, and the US Postal Service”.

The Phase 1c category of other essential workers includes, “people in transportation and logistics, food service, construction and shelter and housing, finance, IT and communication, the energy sector, the media, the legal sector, public safety and water and wastewater industries” writes the CNN.

Who are Essential Workers

“The essential workers include firefighters and police; teachers and school staff; those working in food, agricultural and manufacturing sectors; corrections workers; U.S. Postal Service employees; public transit workers; and grocery store workers. They are considered at very high risk of infection because their jobs are critical and require them to be in regular contact with other people,” writes the Associated Press.

According to the CNN, there are about 30 million frontline workers and estimated 57 million other essential workers in the United States.

COVID Vaccination Watch

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID vaccination tracker page (as of Dec 23, 9 a.m.) 9,465,725 doses have been distributed and 1,008,025 doses administered.

Coronavirus Pandemic Watch

According to the MDH latest tally (as of Dec 23, 11 a.m.) the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are 402,519 (out of 5,287,998 tested) with 4,971 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins database (as of Dec 23, 1:22 p.m.) there are 18,348,619 confirmed covid19 infection with 324,674 deaths. Globally the covid19 virus has infected 78,420,543 with 1,725,057 deaths.