ChatGPT Glossary

A recent CNET article lists 41 ChatGPT related glossaries that it suggests is essential for everyone should know. “As people become more accustomed to a world intertwined with AI, new terms are popping up everywhere. So whether you’re trying to sound smart over drinks or impress in a job interview, here are some important AI terms you should know.”

A few selected terms that I lifted from the article are shown below. Others can be found in the original article.

  • Artificial general intelligence, or AGI: A concept that suggests a more advanced version of AI than we know today, one that can perform tasks much better than humans while also teaching and advancing its own capabilities. 
  • Chatbot: A program that communicates with humans through text that simulates human language. 
  • Foom: Also known as fast takeoff or hard takeoff. The concept that if someone builds an AGI that it might already be too late to save humanity.
  • Hallucination: An incorrect response from AI. Can include generative AI producing answers that are incorrect but stated with confidence as if correct. The reasons for this aren’t entirely known. For example, when asking an AI chatbot, “When did Leonardo da Vinci paint the Mona Lisa?” it may respond with an incorrect statement saying, “Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa in 1815,” which is 300 years after it was actually painted. 
  • Prompt chaining: An ability of AI to use information from previous interactions to color future responses. 
  • Stochastic parrot:An analogy of LLMs that illustrates that the software doesn’t have a larger understanding of meaning behind language or the world around it, regardless of how convincing the output sounds. The phrase refers to how a parrot can mimic human words without understanding the meaning behind them.