ChatGPT Helps Write Exercise Plan

Gabby Landsverk of Insider reports in a recent article that chatGPT helped a “desk worker who hated running asked ChatGPT to write a workout plan to make him enjoy exercise. Now he runs 6 days a week and loves it. Along the way, he has lost weight and improved his health.”

Greg Mushen, a Seattle-based technologist, told the Insider:

  • “He got hooked on a running routine, improved his health, and lost 26 pounds — not with the latest fitness-influencer program or big-box gym membership, but thanks to a chatbot that’s freely available online.
  • “He turned to artificial intelligence for help developing a healthier routine in February, in part to keep up with his 6-year-old daughter. ‘She’s at that magical age when she’s developing a personality of her own, and I want to be around to see different milestones. I needed to change my lifestyle.’
  • “Three months later, he’s lost weight and seen major improvements to his energy as well as measures of heart health like his resting-heart rate. ‘It’s been fun to see those metrics change, I just feel so much better’.
  • “I’m still a beginner, but I’m in such a better position to even evaluate what a good coach is. Before, I never would have thought of getting a running coach. Just the thought would be so bizarre.”

“It saved me so much time. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I had to go read books on running. A coach would have been the way to go, but didn’t know if I wanted to invest in that upfront, so ChatGPT was a good compromise because it’s free,” Mushen told the Insider.