COVID-19 Swallows City Pages


A recent PEW survey showed that ‘COVID-19 is crushing Newspapers’ around the country exacerbating the hunger for local news and more accurate information.

Last week, Twin Cities local City Pages, which was established in 1979 and owned by the Star Tribune, ceased its operations and leaving the metro without its most prominent alt-weekly voice.

In a statement, Strib Chief Revenue Officer Paul Kasbohm said: “As you can imagine, the current economic climate for City Pages advertisers has turned from unfavorable to unfeasible. Unfortunately, we foresee no meaningful recovery of these sectors or their advertising investments in the near future, leaving us no other options than to close City Pages.” 

City Pages closing is just another in a long line of good papers that can’t make it. Google and Facebook have killed journalism, much to the detriment of the country.

Tom Bartel, co-founder of City Pages (source: MinnPost)