Clearview AI – Under Scrutiny


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In a previous note on Facial Recognition Technology (FR) how various governments (UK, US, The Netherlands, China) & other agencies are using FR technologies for various purposes from fighting crimes (US, UK) to public shaming (in China) was discussed.

Clearview AI On Spotlight

After The New York Times report on Clearview AI the “mysterious” FR startup is under scrutiny by the lawmakers and media companies. After the Times reporting, there is a news report that a democratic senator presses facial recognition company reports of law enforcement collaboration. US senator Ed Markey is reported to have written to the CEO of Clearview AI for clarification about the use of FR technology by the law enforcement.

Clearview’s product appears to pose particularly chilling privacy risks, and I am deeply concerned that it is capable of fundamentally dismantling Americans’ expectation that they can move, assemble, or simply appear in public without being identified.

Ed Markey, US Senator On The Hill

The New York Times technology reporter Kashmir Hill writes that Twitter Tells Facial Recognition Trailblazer to Stop Using Site’s Photos. Companies like Facebook, Venmo and others are also reported to be concerned about Clearview‘s use of photos from their sites as “violation of our terms of service”.

Because of the Times public exposure of the Clearview AI must of us are beginning to understand how various government & non-governmental entities are using FR technology for public surveillance for some time.

Cover image by Julia Schwab from Pixabay