Coding Skills



In Slate, JavaScript developer and writer Joe Moran writes that though parents are interested teaching their kids “coding skills” early however he suggests that “I Won’t Teach My Kids to Code, and Neither Should You.

Programming is messy. Programming is a mix of creativity and determination. Being a developer is about more than syntax, and certain skills can only be taught to the very young.

– Joe Moran, author of Simplifying JavaScript. (source: Slate)

Recalling from his own coding project, Moran writes that though the code he wrote worked for while but later encountered problems and “isolating and solving it took several weeks and many nights of interrupted sleep”.

Coding is like that. Try something. See if it works. Try again. If a problem was straightforward, it would be automated or at least solved with some open-source code. All that’s left is the difficult task of creating something unique. There are no books that teach you how to solve a problem no one has seen before. This is why I don’t want my kids to learn syntax. I want them to learn to solve problems, to dive deep into an issue, to be creative. So how do we teach that?

– Joe Moran, author of Simplifying JavaScript. (source: Slate)

Moran further adds “Of course, getting something working is just the first step of building software. The next step is to make code clear, reusable, and neat.”