COVID Vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccine Summit at The White House

According to the Associate Press, The White House is planning to hod a summit on Covid-19 vaccine “to discuss developing a new generation of vaccines that could more effectively guard against contagious variants”.

The summit is reportedly involves top administration officials, scientists and pharmaceutical executives, to target VA.5 and Omicron variants which are surging in all states throughout the US in recent months. It writes “Although the current generation of vaccines, plus antiviral drugs, have helped prevent hospitalizations and deaths, there are hopes that new versions could provide more durable protection against disruptive infections”.

Quoting The White House Covid-19 response Coordinator Dr Ashish Jha, The Verge writes “The White House is looking at two approaches for next-generation vaccines. The first is nasal spray vaccines, which would generate an immune response and block the virus right when it enters the body. The second is to create a vaccine that targets bits of the virus shared between variants, which would stay more effective even as the virus continues to change. Both will be difficult scientific challenges — nasal spray COVID-19 vaccines are still experimental, and vaccine developers have been struggling for years to create universal flu vaccines.”

“The virus is constantly evolving. We’re having to evolve with it, that’s fine. But over the long run, we really need a serious breakthrough,” Dr Jha reportedly told Stat News