Covid Antivirus Drug to Be Available in Test Sites


According to the Associated Press News, The White House is reportedly making antiviral treatment Paxolovid available at the Covid testing sites across the US, including at Minnesota test sites.

“Next week, the U.S. will send authorized federal prescribers to several Minnesota-run testing sites, turning them into test-to-treat locations. Federal regulators have also sent clearer guidance to physicians to help them determine how to manage Paxlovid’s interactions with other drugs, with an eye toward helping prescribers find ways to get the life-saving medication to more patients.”

What has been remarkable in the latest increase in infections we’re seeing is how steady serious illness and particularly deaths are eight weeks into this. COVID is no longer the killer that it was even a year ago.

– Dr. Ashish Jha, White House COVID-19 coordinator (source: Star Tribune)

Dr Jha reportedly told that because at-home-rapid Covid test results are not reported, the daily infection of Covid might be much higher than the officially reported figures.

Dr Jha told AP “about 25,000 to 30,000 courses of Paxlovid are being prescribed each day. When administered within five days of symptoms appearing, the drug has been proven to bring about a 90% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths among patients most likely to get severe disease.”

“We are now at a point where I believe fundamentally most COVID deaths are preventable, that the deaths that are happening out there are mostly unnecessary, and there are a lot of tools we have now to make sure people do not die of this disease.”

“Being vaccinated and boosted is a huge part of making sure that those kinds of activities are substantially safer. And then, of course, we want to make Paxlovid as widely available across the entire country, so that if you do end up getting a breakthrough infection, you’re still protected against serious illness,” Dr Jha told the Associated Press.

Coronavirus-19 vaccination watch

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID vaccination tracker page (as of May 26) 744,812,955 doses have been distributed and 586,008,740 doses administered. According MDH COVID-19 Response vaccine data a total of 10,010,058 doses of Covid-19 (Pfizer & Moderna) vaccines have been administered in Minnesota. According to the MDH latest tally (as of May 26) the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are 1,502,718 with 12,619 deaths.