Daily Notes – 25 Days Later


Day 25 Of Daily Notes Series

I have been following for a while some very inspiring developers who write daily in their websites. One of those prolific writer is Flavo Copes who writes blog posts every single day in his website. There are many other developers who write, not every day, but very regularly including Robin Wieruch, Tania Rascia & many others.

Prompted by WordPress Developer & Core Contributor Justin Sègbédji’ Ahinon‘s daily notes posts and his “Daily inspiration from seth.blog” notes I thought myself that I should give it a try. Finally, I decided to start my Daily Notes experimental series as part of my 2019 Advent calendar pledge to write a note post daily from December 1 to December 25.

After 25 Days & Beyond ..

Yesterday, I successfully completed my 24th “Daily Notes” series 2019 Advent calendar project. My experience from this exercise was that, though a bit harder in the beginning, the process was very productive. To continue this practice I would commit myself to make every effort to write about “something or any things” as often as possible with a goal to do every day.

I know, I know, I have lots of things in my plate (learning, several blogs etc etc). Initially I plan to start with just short casual notes on general topics, for example, new things or topics learned on that day. Then making gradual adjustments along the way to meet my goal

Daily Learning Journal

Inspired by John Resig‘s post Write Code Everyday, I have been keeping my personal daily learning journal since 2017. I have not missed journal entry ever since I started except when I was sick and unable to work. Even when I didn’t learned anything new for few days, I lump up those days to write something. This process, although a bit harder initially, have been a incredibly productive habit for me. An example of my typical journal entry looks like as shown below.

Screenshot of a typical daily learning journal for the 2nd week of October, 2018.

Inspirational Projects

Beginning the New Year 2020 & beyond, I plan to start following two inspirational (and experimental) projects.

Writing daily Notes

Inspired by Seth Godin’s blog & especially his Say Something post, beginning New year 2020, I plan to heed Seth Godin’s call by writing something or anything as often as possible with a goal to do every day. Since 2002, Seth Goldin has more than 7000 posts entries in his website which should provide inspiration to all of us to write.

Unlike my daily learning journal, the “Daily Notes” series would cover non-technical casual topics that I would like to say something or opine about it.

Learning to Share

My second project beginning January 2020 & beyond would be to start “Learning to Share – an experimental project”. This project would primarily focused on technical learning & sharing through publication in my own blog or other outlets, like Dev Community, CSS Tricks, and others.

This note was inspired by Seth Godin’s blog & Justin‘s daily notes posts. Cover Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash