Are we a DNINO (Democratic Nation in Name Only)? If we follow the news media for a while and look at the voting rights, vote suppression, discriminatory justice system, ugly democratic process, etc. it surely does so? It feels that the process is not fair. Nevertheless, we are a nation of law.

Is Law Fair?

Hell no! Law is not fair? Laws are designed by the elected representatives who are in power to favor their policies. Likewise, rules are made by the executives in power to implement their policies. Just like the ‘beauty in the eye of the beholder‘ the perception of law is also subjective and depends on how the is interpreted. Therefore, just like beauty, what one political party may find fair, another party may not feel the same way.

The main difference between the “rule of laws” countries like US and other countries is that how the laws are applied. Though recent court evidence and mass perception of racial injustice is apparent, the US still ranks better than other countries even in applying laws.