Drs. Urge Caution During Thanks Giving


The BBC News writes “With the holiday season approaching in the US, doctors are urging people to exercise caution to avoid a surge in common and potentially dangerous winter viruses.”

In a previous post, I wrote briefly noted that because the shortage hospital staffs together with recent unprecedented emergency room visits of children in the US, pediatric Doctors around the country urged parents to take care of their children at home for mild respiratory virus symptoms.

Highlighting a case of Winnie Chow, a parent to ten-month old Cooper from Hackensack, New Jersey, told BBC that her son had been vomiting and coughing for several days and therefore she took him to hospital earlier this month. He reportedly spent four days there recovering from RSV. “I was in tears. For him to be there for more than a day was very scary,” told Ms Chow to BBC.

Richard Malley, a senior physician with the Division of Infectious Disease at Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, told BBC “We do worry when people start gathering. When you have multiple generations mingling together, you have an increased risk of transmission from someone who is handling the virus pretty well to someone who may not handle it well at all.”

The story covers RSV symptoms, reasoning why it might be spreading around the country, and how to stay safe during this thanksgiving holiday gatherings.