Facebook is Fined $550M For Privacy Violation



In a previous post, it was noted that Facebook is under several lawsuits for the use of DeepFace photo tagging Facial Recognition technology without prior consents from its users. One of the earlier lawsuits was from the State of Illinois.

Illinois General assembly had passed the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) in 2008 to guards against the unlawful collection and storing of biometric information. According to BIPA, private indues could file lawsuit for their privacy violation. In 2017, similar laws have been introduced in many other states including Michigan, New Hampshire, Alaska & Montana.

A Class-action Lawsuit

One of the such case was Illinois class-action lawsuits against Facebook. It’s reported that “Illinois Facebook users alleged that the social media platform violated the BIPA when it scanned images of their faces, without consent, in order to run its Tag Suggestions feature; a California federal court certified the class in 2018″. The US Supreme Court declined to take up the Illinois class-action case over “whether users can sue Facebook for using facial recognition technology on their photos without proper consent”.

Facebook Pays Record Fines

Its reported that Facebook settled the Illinois class-action lawsuit by paying $550 Million. Recently, Facebook also settled with Federal Trade Commission in another similar privacy violation case arising from Cambridge Analytica scandal by paying a record $5 billion.

Its probably the beginning of similar settlements with other big private data aggregator companies like Google, Amazon, Clearview AI and others.