Failure Resume



Recently, I read a note on anti-resume by Rabin Rendle which I found interesting too. Though we all have a long list of failed projects, we don’t bother to document and share with others like a resume. However, in self-learning projects just like I have been doing for a while, it makes perfect sense to document them as blog posts once in a while to share with others, whosoever reads it!

Rabin in his notes highlights the following from Kat Huang’s Failure Resume, which I am adapting in verbatim:

The overall lesson is this—and it’s not necessarily how I think the world should be, or wish the world would be. It’s purely practical: that if you’re a writer, even a very talented and hardworking writer, writing must be its own reward, or you’re going to have a rough time. Recently a friend ask me if my novel publication date now felt like the proverbial apple in the Tantalus myth and immediately I was like, “No, I get the apple every day, because I write every day.”

Afterwards, I did a quick google search and learned that the practice is more common in academia and even some prestigious academic professors have included failure projects in his CV, including this a Princeton Professor cited in this ScienceAlert article.

What surprised a bit was this topic is even covered by most prestigious journal Nature and the New York Times and others listed below.

I am also planning to include in my annual look back review posts. This sounds a cool idea!

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