Fauci: Pres. Biden’s Comments Only “Semantics”


The Atlantic’s staff writer Jacob Sterns quoting from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s interview at The Atlantic Festival, an annual live event in Washington, writes that it was just a matter of “semantics”.

During the interview, Dr. Fauci said “He was saying we’re in a much better place with regard to the fulminant stage of the pandemic. It really becomes semantics and about how you want to spin it.”

Dr Fauci reported explained that by “the fulminant stage,” he meant “the phase of the coronavirus pandemic during which we saw sudden, unpredictable spikes in disease and death”.

President Biden’s comment about the pandemic “it’s over” has created headlines and coverage by many national as well as local news media.

Sterns writes that during the interview Dr. Fauci also addressed the origins of the coronavirus, “repeating his oft-cited position that while he keeps an open mind to theories that the virus leaked out of a lab in Wuhan, China, evidence points toward natural spillover from animals in a market in the city.”

“The thing I think would be the best thing to do would be to open up those markets, which are now closed to investigation. If we were able to go and do surveillance easily in China, we would get a lot more information than we have now,” Dr. Fauci told at The Atlantic Festival interterview.