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Free WiFi, Apps & Student Tracking

My past two notes were on Mass Surveillance – A Permanent Fingerprints of Our Daily Lives and Surveilling Ourselves. To stay on the same theme, here is my notes based on a recent Washington Post article.

In an article Colleges are turning students’ phones into surveillance machines, tracking the locations of hundreds of thousands on The Washington Post technology reporter Drew Harwell writes that many schools in US are relying on free campus WiFi to track students’ movement from dorm to desk, collecting “6000 location data points per student every day”.

Short-range phone sensors and campuswide WiFi networks are empowering colleges across the United States to track hundreds of thousands of students more precisely than ever before. Dozens of schools now use such technology to monitor students’ academic performance, analyze their conduct or assess their mental health.

The Washing Post (Dec 24, 2019)

The article describes how some apps like SpotterEDU being used by more than 40 US schools to “improve our ability to track more team members, in more places, more accurately“. For additional details on how students are being surveilled by some US schools is found in this Posts article.

Content of this note was based on The Washington Posts technology reporter Drew Harwell‘s article on the post. Cover photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash