Getting AI Right

In this Politico OpEd piece, two university professors write that the US Government can and should ‘Get it right’ to the AI and its popular chatbots.

In the piece, Ganesh Sitaraman, director of the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator and a law professor at Vanderbilt University, and Ramsay Eyre, a policy analyst at the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator, write that the Federal Government “have to decide whether they should build up the federal government’s capacity to use the technology or rely on contracts with private consultants and big tech companies instead. The usual approach would be to contract out — but this would be a mistake, and as it happens, also unpopular”.

In a recent poll conducted by the Vanderbilt Policy Accelerator, a think tank established by them, found out that ” Seventy-seven percent of respondents, including overwhelming majorities of both Democrats and Republicans, told us they support creating a dedicated team of government technologists to advise agencies and regulators. When confronted with a counterargument that outsourcing is an alternative to “big and bloated” government, 62 percent of respondents still preferred that the government hire its own AI experts over costly private consultants.”

In conclusion of the piece, they write “Policymakers have the opportunity to help the United States government stay at the cutting edge of AI technology — and to do so in a way that both improves public services and is more accountable and effective. They should act now to deliver the public capacity on AI that Americans want and deserve.”