Grammarly Adds Writing Assistant


Grammarly, a popular proof reading service for many writers is introducing a new GammarlyGO, an AI powered smarter writing assistant. Its announcement page reads:

A Faster, Smarter Writing Assistant. Use GrammarlyGO to unblock your ideas and enable accelerated productivity for teams and individuals. GrammarlyGO takes into account your context, preferences, and goals to instantly generate high-quality drafts, outlines, replies, and revisions when you need them.

The announcement lists the following highlights:

  • Compose: Write a prompt with a few words and receive a draft in seconds.
  • Rewrite: Instantly generate new versions of your writing that you can customize for tone, clarity, or length.
  • Ideas: Get new perspectives and instant structure for brainstorming and outlines.
  • Reply: Respond quickly to emails using context-specific prompts.
  • Personalize: Set up tailored style controls so your generated text is in your preferred voice.

The following YouTube video demonstrates some upcoming feature like composing email, travel itineraries, meeting summaries, personalize writings etc.

Credit: Grammarly website