Health Benefits of Daily 10,000 Steps


In a 2019 article on Domino, a home and life style magazine, Reven Ishak describes What Happens to Your Body When You Walk 10,000 Steps Every Single Day.

While the Centers for Disease Control doesn’t specifically recommend this exact number of steps per day, it does suggest getting at least 30 daily minutes of moderate physical activity and refraining from being sedentary. While there might not be a magic number to help up your fitness game, 10,000 steps is a great goal to have if you want to be more mindful of your health. So what really happens when you walk those steps?

– From Domino

What happens: Daily 10,000 steps

  • After one day. “walking 10,000 steps after one day will help you fall asleep a lot faster than you normally would that evening. You may even notice that [your muscles are] a little bit sore when you wake up the next morning” says Darria Long, an ER physician, clinical professor at the University of Tennessee College of Medicine.
  • After one week. “When you increase your physical activity for a week, it creates a cascade of beneficial hormones that not only help you lose weight, but also send blood flow to your brain and major organs. The combination of being more active and sleeping better will improve your memory and make you feel more alert and focused,” says Long.
  • After one month. “We know from many studies, people who start walking—even when you don’t talk to them about diet or smoking—will naturally begin to reduce their volume of cigarettes if they’re smokers and will generally eat less saturated fats and consume more produce. They may also lose a little bit of weight,” says Long. It reportedly start becoming a habit.
  • After six months. According to Long “Expect all the health benefits to really kick in during this six-month mark. When you start walking almost every single day, your blood pressure can drop, your cholesterol lowers, and your blood sugar becomes more regulated, since exercising increases your sensitivity to insulin”. Aditionally, “in many cases, we’ve also seen people cut back on their medications because their health has improved. All you have to do is move your body more to live a healthier life—it’s that easy,” Long adds.

Source: Domino