Hot Girl Walks

According to Mia Lind, the TikTok content creator and creator of the Hot Girl Walk, “The Hot Girl Walk is a four-mile outdoor walk where you can only think about three things: things you’re grateful for, your goals and how you want to achieve them and how hot you are”.

In November 2020, Mia Lind was looking for a way to get out of her head and also move her body as a stressed-out senior in college amid the pandemic. Little did she know that a walking habit she created for herself, dubbed the “hot girl walk,” would become a TikTok fitness sensation.

CBS News

Lind told CBS news that “hot girl walk” is a four-mile outdoor mindfulness walk during which you’re supposed to think of three things:

  • “What you are grateful for,
  • ” Your goals,
  • “And how you’re going to achieve them,
  • “”And lastly, how hot you are, of course.

Lind added to CBS News, the whole goal of the hot girl walk was to make fitness more accessible, which is why walking was an ideal option even if it wasn’t a “trendy” form of exercise.

  • “Our generation sees walking, or at least did… as not really a valid form of exercise, pointing to running videos or YouTube ab workouts as what she typically saw online. For some people starting out, (those) can be really scary, and walking is a very accessible form of exercise. You can be at any fitness level to begin (and) it’s completely free.
  • “I had a lot of negative self-talk that had developed during the pandemic that was just getting louder and louder.

Lind shared the following tips with CBS News for those interested in starting a hot girl walk routine:

  • Get out there: The hardest part is getting started, Lind says, but blasting a fun playlist can help you get motivated.
  • Dress comfy: A quality shoe and thick socks are a game-changer.
  • Just do what you can: Walking for four miles takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes, Lind says, which is about how long it may take someone to go to the gym. But you can also break it up into pieces if that’s better for your schedule. “Just going out 20 minutes three times a day, that’ll get you to three miles. Don’t push yourself to go too far. Start off small and see where you can go,” says Linda.
  • Be safe: Lind suggests changing up your walking route, letting a buddy know when you head out or keeping a personal safety device with you. “You can’t be hot if you’re not safe,” she adds.

A study from 2014 showed that walking was as good as running for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

According to a study conducted in 2022, “brisk” walking has the potential to slow down the biological ageing process.

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