How to Make Best Use of Chatbots With Their Limitations

A recent Pocket App collections includes a list of articles which it says “brings together multiple perspectives on AI for a holistic look at the nascent technology, from reporters investigating the big ethical issues surrounding chatbots to service writers searching for ways it might be helpful in an everyday context.”

  • AI Unlocked: “ChatGPT can be quite helpful, if you approach it with the right perspective. It’s crucial to take responses from AI with a skeptical mindset. In my five-day newsletter series, I try to approach the topic in a practical, level-headed way that acknowledges different issues with the technology.” – Reece Rogers, author of the collections.
  • Chatbots Got Big—and Their Ethical Red Flags Got Bigger: “This article from Khari earlier 2023 is critical reading to understand the larger picture about chatbots like ChatGPT. When there’s a rush of money to be made in Silicon Valley, companies are quick to overlook ethical conundrums,” writes Reece Rogers, a WIRED’s service writer.
  • 6 Tips for Using ChatGPT to Brainstorm Better: “Here’s an article for anyone who hasn’t tried out ChatGPT, and there’s absolutely no shame in that! Experiment with it as a brainstorm partner to bounce ideas off,” – Reece Rogers.
  • Generative AI Is Making Companies Even More Thirsty for Your Data: “To power a generative AI tool, tons and tons of data is necessary. But where exactly does all of it come from, and how much of it involves your personal information and interactions online? It’s hard to know right now, but more people are demanding answers” – Reece Rogers.
  • AI Is Coming for Your Web Browser. Here’s How to Use It: “It’s not just a writing tool, a chatbot can also act as your personal assistant. While there are plenty of kinks to work out, it’s fun to test out a new approach to browsing through online information.” – Reece Rogers
  • The Fanfic Sex Trope That Caught a Plundering AI Red-Handed: “In this wild article, Rose explores the weird (and quite NSFW) ways online subcultures are impacting the output of mainstream tech products.” – Reece Rogers
  • How to Use Google Bard to Find Images Faster: “Here’s another interesting example of using a chatbot in a way that focuses less on text creation and more on searching through reams of information.” _ Reece Rogers.
  • The Magic and Minstrelsy of Generative AI: “Best known for his culture-defining essay about digital blackface on TikTok, Jason investigates how AI chatbots and image generators continue to perpetuate racist stereotypes.” – Reece Rogers
  • What OpenAI Really Wants: “Looking for a weekend, long-read? Steven spent months working on a rare, inside look into OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT. It’s over an hour long, but the audio version is worth listening to.” – Reece Rogers
  • Meet the Humans Trying to Keep Us Safe From AI: “Yes, there are many different reasons to worry about AI, but I found this piece that features multiple people who want to make a positive impact to be heartening.” – Reece Rogers
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