Ice Cleats and Winter Walking boots


Going for walks during the winter snowy seasons is not easy because of the icy and slippery surfaces of the roads and the lack of traction. Experts suggest appropriate winter clothing and insulated snow boots.

In the New York Times Wirecutter review section, there is a list of best ice cleats for the winter season.

Screenshot source: The New York times

Ice cleats are a great way to walk or jug in winter. According to Wikipedia description, ice cleats as:

“a contraption, affixed to a shoe or boot, with small spikes underneath. They are used to avoid sliding on slippery surfaces like ice or snow. Ice cleats are attached to footwear with either straps over the heel and toe or a single strip over the foot.”

Strategist magazine has lists of top recommended traction ice cleats and winter (snow) boots for a safe and pleasant winter walk.

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