Inspiring Quotes From Greatest Authors



In this 2017 Inc. article, contributor Glenn Leibowitz has assembled more than 50 inspiring quotes from famous authors for writers. “Writing is an art and a craft that needs to be developed through deliberate practice and study over a long period of time,” writes Glen.

Fortunately, some of the world’s greatest writers, the ones who mastered the craft and whose names have been passed down to us through time, gifted us not only with their stories. Many of them took time in-between the creation of their novels and short stories and poems to codify their writing philosophies, their writing strategies, and their writing habits.

Some of these authors recorded their thoughts on writing in books, some as essays, and some as letters to their friends, lovers, and editors.

Glenn Leibowitz on Inc.

The full article contains 50 inspiring quotes from the greatest authors.

In another similar article, copywriter Stephanie Flaxman provides 52 offbeat inspirational quotes for writers, which serves as a source of inspiration for aspirant young writers for blogging or business.

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