Judge Jackson’s Supreme Court Nomination Hearing


This week, there has been ongoing the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for President Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. This only after previous partisan filled similar nomination confirmation hearing of Justice Barrett.

Of the current nine justices, I have partially heard all the justices hearing except Justice Thomas and retiring justice Stephen Breyer. As these justices are nominated by both the Republican & Democratic Presidents when the senate majority was President’s political party or otherwise.

The bottom line is, for general people without political interest, these hearings are focused on other matters (larger political issues) than on the candidate themselves.

If somebody watches carefully the Senators questions between same and the opposite party’s nomination, it becomes crystal clear even for general laymen the Committee’s senators’ hypocritical questions.

Supreme Court nomination hearings don’t bring the entire government together, but they do bring a president’s nominee in front of a Senate committee, which is in some ways similar. Instead of a choreographed celebration of unity, it’s a deliberately confrontational procedure, which serves to remind us that disagreements and varied interests are just as healthy and just as necessary in a democracy as the unity some other rituals evoke — that the motto “out of many, one” requires “many” just as much as it requires “one.”

Jonathan Bernstein, Bloomberg Opinion columnist (source: Star Tribune)

Because each senator targets his specific base audience, their questions greatly vary depending upon his or her political ambitions.

This is just a political theater for the public. The Committee senators, they don’t care.