Labor Day Heat Wave in Twin Cities


Yesterday, Labor Day 2023, Twin Cities recorded a daytime high of 98oF, while some other cities said to have recorded even 1000F. There was a heat advisory issued over the weekend.

The Star Tribune reported that this year’s Labor Day 980F temperature was tied with a record set in 1925.

The record setting high September temperatures were not only in the Twin Cities and other cities in Minnesota, but they were the mid-west, the Washington Post reports.

  • Scores of records will be toppled, including some monthly records. Already, September records of around 100 degrees were set in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Mid-Atlantic on Sunday — including in Duluth, Minn., and at Washington Dulles International Airport.
  • On Sunday, extreme September heat covered the Northern Plains and Northern Tier, bringing a high of 99 degrees to Duluth, Minn. That beat the previous daily record high by 8 degrees and also set a new monthly record high. Duluth also observed a record warm overnight temperature of 71 degrees, just a hair away from its average daytime high this time of year, which is 72.
  • Nearby Wausau, Wis., spiked to 99 degrees, tying a monthly September record. It was also the highest temperature Wausau has managed in the past 28 years. Averages in early September are closer to 74 degrees. Milwaukee tied a record at 95 degrees.
– The Washington Post

This heat wave is expected to spread to the East Coast and last for the entire week. “Cities such as Philadelphia, New York City and Chicago are expected to see temperatures between the lower and high 90s on Tuesday”, the Hill reports.

The Washington Post reports that temperatures are expected hover between 90 and 100 degrees throughout the week for around 38 million US residents.