Let’s Learn to Share – An experiment


Day 22 Of Daily Notes Series

Recently I came across a very inspiring post Let’s write more blog post – an experiment by Amy Hupe, a content designer from UK. Amy Hupe writes that she started the project in response to her casual conversation with colleagues who tell her that “they’d like to do the same but—for various reasons—they don’t feel they can“.

Amy Hupe writes, based on her twitter survey, her followers responded the following barriers to write:

  • Lack of confidence in their writing
  • Struggle to turn their ideas into blog posts
  • Don’t think there’s value in what they have to say
  • Loose momentum throughout the writing process
  • Fear criticism from others

After running her experimental project for about five weeks, she writes in her update post the following two lessons learned:

  • Power of togetherness: People found working with others helped them to overcome their fear or concerns and felt validated & motivated.
  • Starting is biggest challenge: People reported “just starting” was the most hardest but most valuable step to writing.

Learn to Share

Since I jumped into my self-learning endeavor 7-8 years ago, I have been documenting my learning-note posts in my personal websites for my own personal reference & consumption. Most of my learning-notes posts, tips etc have remained private behind wall and only a very small section is posted publicly. Since I started Learning in Public in 2018, my learning posts are displayed publicly in my “search disabled” learning documentation sites.

For a while I have been thinking about starting to sharing what I have learnt. Inspired by Amy Hupe‘s experiment cited in this Notes and Sara Soueidan‘s just write article, Learn to Share will be my major year 2020 & beyond experimental project.

Content of this Note was inspired by Amy Hupe‘s Let’s write more blog post – an experiment. Cover photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash.