Looking Back Jan 021


Every new year, like many others, I also took a ride on the bandwagon of making a few new year pledges to continue doing what I was doing last year and stack-up a few more. A few of my ongoing pledges include gardening, health & fitness, daily short posts writing, and learning in public & share.

In my Welcoming Year 2021 post, I reminded myself that ‘most New Year’s resolutions don’t work and most people abandoned them by February. According to The Atlantic’s Arthur C. Brooks “the key to success is positive motivation”. During the pandemic and self-isolation, getting motivation is a hard to earn. But we should never stop trying and learn to never give up.

In this my monthly looking back series, a brief overview of my current progress is highlighted.

Health & Fitness

I am using my Apple iWatch to monitor my daily activity to stay remain fit and healthy. Over the past year 020, my active calorie burn varied between 7k to 10k and my last Dec reading was just over 10k. My goal for the year 021 is to maintain at least 10k per month.

During the month of January, I recorded over 15k calories in 94 sessions with an average of 162 calories in a 32min session. I will try to maintain this pace as much as possible in the coming months as well.

Daily Short Post Writing

I spend good chunk of my time writing daily short posts on coronavirus and other general topics. During the month of January I posted 31 posts on coronavirus and 27 short posts on various topics. These posts are not intended to be quality post and may contain typos and other errors but are done to create a daily writing habit.

Through these daily short post writings, I get updates on coronavirus, vaccines and variants which I find immensely useful. Likewise, while writing short notes on various categories that are in headlines or a topic of interest keeps me abreast of the subject or enhance my general knowledge.

Writing short posts in early morning wee hours is my favorite and most productive part of a day. Writing 2-posts a day was almost an impossible endeavor until a year or so before.

Learning in Public

On my learning, I made some significant progress on one of my ongoing projects which I was able to troubleshoot and now will be able to complete. I have just began working on learning notes for documentation.

I made six post-entries on my technical blog site, including one learning-note post. I am looking forward to completing a few more learning posts write-up starting February.

Wrapping Up

Overall, the month of January was good. I have keep myself motivated to do my daily activity and short posts writing routine.

I skipped the gardening section in this post, because it’s a summer only activity in Minnesota.

Looking forward to a productive February!