Mayo to Lead Covid-19 Plasma Trial



Day 11 – Stay Home Order

The Minnesota local newspaper Star Tribune recently reported that Rochester, Minnesota based Mayo Clinic is “leading a national trial to use donated plasma from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 as a treatment for others infected by the novel coronavirus that causes the illness”. According to the Start Tribune report, this collaborative effort involves 40 institutions in 20 states that would help “verify a vital treatment, given that nobody has immunity against the coronavirus that has quickly spread across the globe”.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration formally approved the program on Friday after giving initial approval March 24 for plasma therapy as a COVID-19 treatment.

Source: The Star Tribune

Convalescent Plasma Treatment

The Mayo Clinic News Reports that the convalescent plasma program at Mayo Clinic is led by researcher Michael Joyner, M.D. The Mayo Clinic article describes the convalescent plasma treatment program as follows:

Convalescent plasma refers to blood plasma collected from people who have recovered from COVID-19. That plasma is then used to treat others with advanced illness. The plasma donor must have recovered from, and tested negative for, COVID-19 and be otherwise healthy. The patient is transfused with the donor’s plasma, which contains antibodies that can attack the virus and may help patients recover more rapidly.

Source: Mayo Clinic

The newly FDA approved Covid-19 plasma trial is named National COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma Project. Discussing the convalescent plasma expanded access program, Dr Michael Joyer is quoted as saying:

We are pleased to work with our colleagues and the nation to fight this pandemic every way we can as part of Mayo’s patient-focused mission.We believe this program, in extending access to this investigational treatment, is a hopeful therapeutic option. We anticipate a trickle of convalescent plasma for therapy will begin next week, with more available in the following weeks. We also will collect data so we can understand how best to use plasma to treat COVID-19.

Dr. Michael Joyner, from Mayo Clinic

For more information watch this video: Dr. Michael Joyner discusses the Convalescent Plasma Expanded Access Program.

Serological Tests

According to the Star Tribune news report, the Mayo Clinic has been using “a serological test it created to detect antibodies in patients after they have recovered from COVID-19”. The news report also states that “the U is close to unveiling its version as well of the antibody test”. These serological test could help in identifying people virus immunity and pose less risks for contracting or spreading the virus.

MN ‘Stay-at-Home’ Order Ends Friday

Minnesota ‘Stay-at-home’ order is in its second week and Star Tribune tracking charts shows ‘social distancing’ measures are apparently working to slow the coronavirus pandemic in Minnesota. Minnesota, is reported, has one of the lowest per-capita coronavirus infection rates in the country. According the MPR News Gov. Walz signaled to-day that ‘he’ll extend his stay-at-home order, with some tweaks’ on Wenesday. The current ‘Stay-at-Home’ order by the Gov. Walz ends on Friday April 10.

Coronavirus Watch

The MDH latest tally (as of April 7, 11 a.m.), the confirmed case in Minnesota is 1,069 (out of 29,260 tested) from 87 counties with 34 deaths. According to Johns Hopkins database (as of April 7, 6 a.m.) there are 368,449 confirmed covid19 infection with 10,993 deaths. Globally the covid19 virus has infected 1,360,039 with 75,973 deaths.