Microsoft Outlooks Is Writing My Email Drafts

According to a recent CNN article, Microsoft is adding its AI tools into its Outlook app corporate clients, which will start drafting emails for them.

In a September blog post, the company said that “users with Microsoft 365 Personal or Family subscriptions will get more advanced AI help through Microsoft Editor, an intelligent writing assistant. The update will include suggested edits for “clarity, conciseness, inclusive language and more” to help workers create more “polished and professional” emails”.

Microsoft has previously reported that it will be adding its AI-powered co-pilot to Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel and Word, which will said to help edit, summarize, create and compare documents. This is based on the same technology that underpins ChatGPT

CNN writes “Corporate customers will also get to use Microsoft 365 Chat, previously called Business Chat, which can scan the internet and employee emails, meetings, chats and files, to behave as a sort of personalized secretary”.