Microsoft’s Copilot Is Available for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has reportedly expanded its generative AI chatbot, powered by the latest GPT-4 and DAA-E 3, Copilot, to the iPhone and iPad. Its description on the Apple Store reads, “These advanced AI technologies provide fast, complex, and precise responses, as well as the ability to create breathtaking visuals from simple text descriptions”.

The Microsoft’s Copilot was initially available exclusively for the Android phones only. “Though you can use the app without an account, signing in with a Microsoft account lets you ask more questions and engage in longer conversations”, ZDNET reports.

Microsoft lists the following key features of Copilot on the Apple Store Product preview page:

With this amazing AI assistant at your side, you can accomplish work, school, or personal tasks even faster, including:

  • Draft emails
  • Compose stories or scripts
  • Summarize complex texts
  • Multilingual content translation, proofreading, and optimization
  • Create personalized travel itineraries
  • Write and updating job resumes

Likewise, the DALL-E 3 image creator “can transform your design process by quickly creating high quality visuals from text prompts, rendering your concepts into stunning visuals, from the abstract to the photorealistic”, Microsoft describes.