Monkeybox Cases Slowing Down


Quoting Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Hill writes that she is “cautiously optimistic” to the slowing down trend of monkeypox cases in the US.

The Hill writes “the White House’s national monkeypox response deputy coordinator Demetre Daskalakis noted that recent data from the American Men’s Internet Survey (AMIS) found that men who have sex with men have reported changing their sexual habits in response to monkeypox, likely helping reduce transmission”.

In a press briefing, Dr. Walesky noted that there was slowing down trend of new monkeypox cases from the New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Referring to these trends she said “I want to be cautiously optimistic about this, not only because of the downward trend but because of the AMIS data that Dr. Daskalakis just noted.”

Dr. Walansky added “The rate of rise is lower, but we are still seeing increases. And we are of course a very diverse country and things are not even across the country. So we’re watching this with cautious optimism and really hopeful that many of our harm reduction messages and vaccines are getting out there and working.”

The World Health Organization reportedly said earlier this week that “the number of weekly reported monkeypox cases have fallen by 20 percent”.