Monkeypox a Public Health Emergency in US

According to Politico, the White House and US public health experts “plan to use public health emergency authorities to speed up the distribution of the monkeypox vaccine”.

Quoting senior administration officials, Politico writes “A decision memo created by the Department of Health and Human Services has circulated through U.S. health agencies over the past week and has secured broad support from agency heads. White House monkeypox response coordinator Robert Fenton also supports using these authorities to speed up vaccine distribution.”

CNN wrote on Thursday “Biden administration declares the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency”. Many large cities around the US including New York City, San Francisco, California, Illinois and New York, have already declared monkeypox an emergency, writes the agency.

Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox “a public health emergency of international concern”.

Referring to the HHS memo, Politico adds “The memo comes as more than 6,600 monkeypox infections have been reported in the United States, a number that has risen sharply over the past weeks. The rapid spread — more than 1,200 cases have been reported in the last three days — has ratcheted up pressure on the Biden administration to declare the outbreak a public health emergency, as critics and health experts accuse the White House of failing to mount an aggressive push to distribute treatments and vaccines.”