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Most Covid Deaths Come From The Vaccinated

According to recent reporting, most recent deaths from Covid-19 are reportedly comprised from the people who had been vaccinated (breakthrough infection). Analysis of recent federal data by ABC news indicated showed that only 18.9% deaths occurred among vaccinated in Aug 2021, where as that has increased to more than 40% in Feb 2022.

These data should not be interpreted as vaccines not working. In fact, these real-world analyses continue to reaffirm the incredible protection these vaccines afford especially when up to date with boosters.

– Dr. John Brownstein, an epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and an ABC News contributor.

CNN Health writes “Breakthrough infections have become more common in recent months, putting vulnerable populations at increased risk of severe disease or death as more and more transmissible variants continue to spread. This seems to be especially true for seniors in the United States, who were among the first to get their initial vaccine series.”

A similar analysis of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by CNN showed “Of those vaccinated people who died from a breakthrough case of Covid-19 in January and February, less than a third had gotten a booster shot. The remaining two-thirds had only received their primary series.”

Dr. Brownstein told ABC News “This trend in increased risk among the elderly further supports the need for community wide immunization. Older populations, especially those with underlying conditions, continue to be at great risk of severe complications, especially as immunity wanes. The best way to protect them is to make sure everyone around them is fully immunized.”

Dr. Robert Califf, commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration, told CNN Newsroom “”Almost no one in this country should be dying from Covid with up-to-date vaccinations and appropriate antiviral treatments. What we really should be worried about is getting the boosters that we need to stay up to date so with the new variants that we have, we don’t have unnecessary deaths and hospitalizations.”

Dr. Peter Marks, director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, told CNN “Getting more Americans boosted against Covid-19 could make a big difference as the country heads into the fall and winter. It’s really important that we try to get the half — or a little bit more than a half — of Americans who have only received two doses to get that third dose,” he said. “That may make a difference moving forward here, and it may particularly make a difference now that we’re coming into yet another wave of Covid-19.”

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According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID vaccination tracker page (as of May 13) 736,029,755 doses have been distributed and 580,915,871 doses administered. According MDH COVID-19 Response vaccine data a total of 9,917,824 doses of Covid-19 (Pfizer & Moderna) vaccines have been administered in Minnesota. According to the MDH latest tally (as of May 13) the confirmed COVID-19 cases in Minnesota are 1,479,047 with 12,559 deaths.