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My General Reading List for 2017

The following is my incomplete & developing list of books (on general topics only) that I plan to read in 2017. This lists is continuously updated as I find inspiring book to include in my reading list.

  1. The Art of Doing: How Superachievers Do What They Do and How They Do It So Well by Camille Sweeney & Josh Gosfield. This title was inspired by the authors’ book excerpt Secret Ingredient of Success published in New York Times Sunday Review’s Dec 21, 2016 Opinion column.
  2. Drug Dealer, M.D.: Misunderstandings and Good Intentions Fueled Opioid Epidemic by Anna Limbke, MD. This title is inspired after listening to Dr Limbke’s interview with Fresh air host Terry Gross.
  3. Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant. I am always inspired by Ms Sanberg’s talks or lectures like her commencement speech at UC Berkley in 2016.
  4. Mindful Work: How Meditation Is Changing Business from the Inside Out by David Gilles. This title was selected because of its very informative book excerpt How to Mediate published New York Times Dec 25, 2016 Well section.